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I just love this guy named Daniel Greene.

Technology companies have got it all WRONG!

Here is my thought for the day. Why don’t technology companies (Google, Apple, Motorola, Samsung…) stop suing each other to hell and back and produce the best, most effect, NEW products. Years old patients that have become pass√© and are basic building blocks of our communications systems across all brands, need not be a reason for another damn law suit. This is all paid for by the consumers, not the manufacturers. I cannot believe that a iPads “look” is protected. A car is a car, a tablet is a tablet, a tv is a tv. they look similar because of functionality with the human body. Do business and stop litigating. Earn our dollars the old fashion way.

Daniel and Me had the pleasure to go…

Daniel and Me had the pleasure to go to San Diego and get married the first day of summer June 21, 2008. We wanted to do this as a statement of legally binding our love in a more formal way. The sad part about it is that same sex marriage has been taken away from those that want it now. As the courts fight over weather on not this should be legal, we are a few of the lucky ones that are. Happy Anniversary to my loving husband on this our third year of our legal marriage